Victor Veloci


Victor Veloci


65 Million (possibly)





Hair Color

Mud Brown

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Dino Form

Velociraptor mongoliensis


Raptor Dyne

Victor Veloci is a dinosaur who escaped the great extinction in the Cretaceous Period and the main antagonist of the show. He is a business magnate who owns Raptor Dyne, and his prime goal is to revert the world back to the way it was over 65 million years ago. His true form is a Velociraptor.

Character DesignEdit

Veloci is business tycoon who wears a sleek and sexy clarite business suit. Under it is a rice colored dress shirt with a magnolia tie attached to it, he has long mud brown hair with three stripes that match the color of his suit and has hazel eyes.

A female virtual avatar Victor made used to trick Buzz


Victor Veloci, the antagonist of the Dino Squad, is a velociraptor who hates humans with a passion. Despite his aversion to humans, that does not stop him from manipulating them to further his goal. He is quite prideful, as can be assumed in his suave appearance, and believes that dinosaurs are superior to humans and their technology. White being quite devoted to capturing the Squad under the belief they are real dinosaurs, when they inevitably disappear, it is a crushing defeat, resulting in him blaming it entirely on his human error.

Dino FormEdit

Victor Veloci's true form is an unusually large red Velocirator with black stripes going down the back, with the tip of the tail being solid black in color. His underbelly is a cream color and his eyes glow yellow and the area outside the eye is solid black. Veloci's form is somewhat small compared to the Dino Squad's forms, but still is incredibly formidable and has outsmarted the Dino Squad several times.
Veloci Transformation

Veloci's Transformation


  • Victor sometimes threatens to eat his workers if they greatly fail or upset him.
  • Victor's Velociraptor form is depicted as being taller than a man and almost half the size of a T-rex, Velociraptors in reality were only 2 feet tall, weighed 100 pounds and were feathered, Victor's Velociraptor form is more based on the Jurassic Park Velociraptors.
  • Victor's dinosaur form is more closely similar in size and proportions to Utahraptor, a relative of Velociraptor only several times larger and heavier
  • Victor Veloci's dinosaur color scheme and overall design bears a striking resemblance to the Land Before Time "Sharptooth" raptors
  • It would be more appropriate if Victor Veloci was a Dakotaraptor, a recently discovered species of dromeasaur that was similar in size to his dinoform and more importantly it lived at the end of the Cretaceous Period unlike Velociraptor.